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Boudoir Tips and Tricks – Photos by Keshia

Boudoir Tips and Tricks – Photos by Keshia

Hello Ladies! Welcome to the Photos by Keshia Blog Page!

Today on the blog I’m going to chat about the

Dos and Don’t of Boudoir

What to Bring

Tips, Tricks & More!

Boudoir Tips and Tricks

First off, I am super excited you have sign up to do a boudoir session with PBK! I don’t doubt you will have fun! Everyone always does!

So just to lay it all out there!

DO expect to have fun!

DON’T worry yourself sick with nerves, or bad thoughts! Whatever flaw, imperfection, or self doubt you have about yourself we will work through!

Boudoir is empowering and helps promote self confidence, I promise!

What to bring! When packing that to-go-bag here are few things to keep in mind!

-3-4 outfits!

Now ladies do not show up with 25 different options! It doesn’t help your brain, or mine when picking out the best fit for you! I say bring your fav 3 outfits with a possible rob, big tee, or some easy transition outfit! With that being said, try our outfits on prior to coming to your session.

Outfits’ range drastically from the favorite t-shirt and panty combo, to that black strappy thing you saw in the store and looks great on model, however scares the hell out of you! And that is ALL ok! I always tell ladies to pick what you want! If you want cute sweet baby dolls outfits, do it! If you want a little more scandalous ensemble bring it on! Feel free to email/ text your outfit options for any one-on-one consult help! or (405) 406-2003

Other items to bring!



-Heals, boots, tennis shoes..whatever ya’ll are into!

Boudoir Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Ladies, no worries I will walk you through everything! From making a game plan with your outfits, to step by step posing instructions! However here are a few tips and tricks to make your session run even smoother!

-Cut all tags out! No one likes a cute booty shot with a tag in it!

-Lace works wonders on every body type! Some string apparel can dig in and not be flattering!

-If possible pre-pack your bag with all the goodies and make a check list!

-Be cautious of what you put in your body! Now I am NOT saying crash diet! I am saying if chips and queso make you bloat, maybe don’t eat that a few days leading up to your session! Take in lots of water! Being cautious will only make you feel better about yourself!

Boudoir Tips and Tricks – Photos by Keshia

If YOU are interested in Yukon, Oklahoma City, metro area Wedding, Boudoir and Portrait Photography, please contact me ASAP! I’m booking 2018.

Contact me or email for availability.

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Photos by Keshia is a Yukon/OKC metro based wedding and portrait photographer. Photographing engagements, bridal, boudoir, weddings, and even families and babies!

All videos and camera’s are NOT allowed during the session by you or helping members of your party.

My images are protected by federal copyright law that safeguard artist work.

Thank you for understanding.

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