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Boudoir Session – Photos by Keshia

Boudoir Session – Photos by Keshia

Preparing for your boudoir session!

Hey this is about to be the most fun session you have ever done! So get ready! Here are the most common questions when I get a boudoir inquiry as well as things to do before the boudoir session!

Q: “ Will you have poses for me?”

A: Of coarse I will. I do not expect a client to know how to pose a boudoir session. This is what you are coming to me for!

Q: “ Do I bring my own outfits?”

A: Yes outfits are brought by the client to reflect your personal style.

Q: “Where do we shoot the session?”

A: The client chooses the location. I have shot in homes, friends homes, hotels, venues, outside, and at my studio!

To prepare for a boudoir session is important. You will bring 2-4 outfits for your session. Think outside of the box on outfits. His t-shirt, a jersey, a cute bra/panties set, any lingerie, robes, sheets, hats…you name it, lets do it! Make sure to try on each outfit before, like the outfit, and cut off any price tags/ size tags. Prep your bag of all your goodies and double check you have it all! The week of your session make sure you drink plenty of water. Watching what you eat will only make you feel better about yourself and give you more confidence the day of! Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

I will keep in contact, and make sure our plans are good to go a few days prior. Also keep in mind we will be scheduling a ordering session 2-7 days after your session. I understand this is an exciting time, however all videos and camera’s are NOT allowed during the session by you or helping members of your party. My images are protected by federal copyright law that safeguard artist work.

Thank you for understanding.

Boudoir Session – Photos by Keshia

If YOU are interested in Yukon, Oklahoma City, Edmond  Photography, please contact me ASAP! I’m booking for 2016. Contact me or e-mail for availability.

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