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Boudoir Studio – Photos by Keshia

Boudoir Studio – Photos by Keshia

Just a little spot where I can show off my amazing clients! This year I did something a little different! I did a boudoir model call! This was a chance for me to really be able to showcase all different sizes, shapes, ethnicities, ages, and curves!

Today on the blog I am featuring just a few of theses amazing girls!

Each girl signed up for the PBK Boudoir Model Call because for a different reason!

Wether it was

“Proud of being small chested!!”

“Proud of being plus size!” or

“Proud of an accomplishment!”

These girl embraced the chance of a lifetime and drove into their first boudoir session experience!

 I am so happy I was able to shoot and now share their lovely images! Theses girls are featured in my OKC boudoir studio located in the Plaza District

Check out all their images below! Leave them some love!!

If YOU are interested in Yukon, Oklahoma City, metro area Wedding, Boudoir and Portrait Photography, please contact me ASAP! I’m booking for fall 2017 and into 2018.

Contact me or email for availability.

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Photos by Keshia is a Yukon/OKC metro based wedding and portrait photographer. Photographing engagements, bridal, boudoir, weddings, and even families and babies!

First up….Drumroll!!!

Jessica! She rocked her session in celebrating her new life, herself, her self esteem!

Thanks for coming into the studio and killing it!

OKC Boudoir Studio

Next is Jennifer!

Thank you for all the super sweet words! You did amazing! Love your images!

“I wanted to do something special for my husband for his birthday and something that would hopefully give my self esteem a boost. My husband has always been my biggest body supporter and lover, in every form it’s been in. The session was just so much fun! Seeing the final result after the shoot totally blew me away. Keshia is a total pro! She didn’t even skip a beat when the power went out and she had to improvise to finish my shoot. And what she captured was simply perfect. The girl is a photo magician, no doubt!”

OKC Boudoir Studio

Finally is the gorgeous and newly married Jessica!

She wanted to “prove that ladies in the Itty Bitty Committee can be just as sexy as voluptuous ladies” And as you can see was amazing!

“It’s a reminder of how beautiful we all are, no matter what.”

OKC Boudoir Studio

Boudoir Studio – Photos by Keshia

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