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Bridal Session – Photos by Keshia

Bridal Session – Photos by Keshia

Congratulations, you’re getting married!

Below are some tips, ideas, and how to prepare for your bridal session.

First what type of location do you want for your bridal session?

Edgy, romantic, cute & fun, sexy?

Do you like more of an urban feel? Brick, rust walls, stairs, cityscape, bridges, and so forth…

Or would you rather have a more nature feel? A well-kept park, a grassy field, or trees?

Once location/date&time have been picked you may want to consider the following….

Do you want to have hair and makeup done? Many gals book their trial run with their make up artist the same day as their bridal session. This is a good way to see what your going to look like on the big wedding day!

Do you want a bridal bouquet in your portraits? If so, your florist for your big day usually can make one. You can always DIY one, or even have a local grocer make one!

Prep the day before by gathering all your jewelry, shoes, garter, and anything else you want to wear! This will help calm your nerves! Which by the way, there is no need for! We are going to have a blast!

I will keep in contact, and make sure our plans are good to go a few days prior. Also keep in mind we will be scheduling a ordering session 2-7 days after your session. I understand this is an exciting time, however all videos and camera’s are NOT allowed during the session by you or helping members of your party. My images are protected by federal copyright law that safeguard artist work.

Thank you for understanding.

Bridal Session – Photos by Keshia

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