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Family Session – Photos by Keshia

Family Session – Photos by Keshia

Hey! I am so thrilled to be taking your family photos! Below is a short read on preparing for your upcoming family session!

We will of coarse chat about what type of location you envision for your shoot. But this is also great to think about before we chat.

Do you like more of an urban feel? Brick, rust walls, stairs, cityscape, bridges, and so forth…

Or would you rather have a more nature feel? A well-kept park, a grassy field, or trees?

Once location/date&time have been determined next are outfits! I get asked almost daily…

Q: “What should the family wear?”

A: Try to coordinate verses match! When clients come to a session matching it tends to un-natural. If everyone is all wearing black or white it can look like a dated photo. So, choosing outfits that look well together but don’t match is key!

Q: “ How many outfits can we do?”

A: Family sessions typically do 1 outfit. If you have another situation, please contact me directly.

Making sure you are on time for your session is important! If not, it can cut into our allotted shooting time!

I know Mom and Dad can feel pressure to make sure the session goes well as little ones are confused and possible not happy. In this case keeping calm, and not upsetting the little ones too much is recommended. No one wants red crying faces in their family photos. I know this may go against some parenting rules, however your session is only on hour long so wasting 30 minutes on tears and still getting great shots in hard!

With that said, I look forward to meeting every family and preparing for every session!

I will keep in contact, and make sure our plans are good to go a few days prior. Also keep in mind we will be scheduling a ordering session 2-7 days after your session. I understand this is an exciting time, however all videos and camera’s are NOT allowed during the session by you or helping members of your party. My images are protected by federal copyright law that safeguard artist work.

Thank you for understanding.

Family Session – Photos by Keshia

If YOU are interested in Yukon, Oklahoma City, Edmond  Photography, please contact me ASAP! I’m booking for 2016. Contact me or e-mail for availability.

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