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Newborn Session – Photos by Keshia

Newborn Session – Photos by Keshia

Preparing for your newborn session.

This can be tricky, but I believe by following these recommendations helps ensure that your newborn session goes smoothly!

Before your session please do that following:

  1. Please try and keep baby away 2-3 hours before coming into the studio. I know this seems like a huge undertaking and may mean a helper has to keep baby awake in the car, but this helps tremendously for the session to go gracefully.

  2. Keeping baby and parents/grandparents as calm as possible is important. Baby knows when Momma isn’t happy. We want a calm happy baby!

  3. Arrive baby awake, hungry, and dressed in a onesie with buttons. This will help not having to pull anything over a babies head and not to upset the little one. If it is warmer weather please consider a diaper and blanket for travel. In colder months any clothing that does not require going over babies head is recommended. The less we have to more baby the better! Please do not have any tight restrictive clothing that will leave indentation their skins right before the session. ( socks, bands on arms or legs)

  1. Bring all necessary items for your baby. This may include a few items you don’t plan on using. A pacifier and bottle can help in a newborn session. It you are against these, I promise to only use them if completely needed.

  2. Most important!! When you arrive I will have you feed baby a FULL feeding so that baby is nice and full/sleepy! Please schedule accordingly that your baby is hungry when you arrive! 

  3. Be prepared for a heated room. To achieve such sleepy cute poses keeping baby happy with tricks such as having a sleepy full baby is key, but so is a warm room. Heating devices and soothing sounds will be used.

  4. Please note newborn sessions can be anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. It may take a minute for baby to get settled. So Momma, I may take baby from you! Not only is this so baby doesn’t think its time to eat again, but so that you can also rest and enjoy the session too.

  5. Your baby photographs best in their birthday suit! I have plenty of blankets, wraps, and props to make your newborn session great! So no need to bring anything if you don’t want to. Please let me know ahead of time any color schemes you are going for.

  1. Parents/ sibling shots: If you are planning on being in the photos please be ready to be photographed when you arrive at your session. Keeping calm clothing choices will help baby stand out in the images. So neutral tones are best. Also having an extra shirt isn’t an awful idea in case of accidents!  Siblings/family shots are usually at the beginning of the session, then onto the baby alone.  Having a baby sister/parent, or grandparent take siblings once their shots are complete is best. This insures a quite peaceful place for newborn only shots.

  2. I understand this is an exciting time, however all videos and camera’s are NOT allowed in the studio. My images are protected by federal copyright law that safeguard artist work. Thank you for understanding.

Newborn Session – Photos by Keshia

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