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Senior Session – Photos by Keshia

Senior Session – Photos by Keshia

Hey congratulations, you’re graduating!

I am sure you are thrilled that this millstone is coming to an end and a new one is about to begin! So here is a quick read on how to prepare for your senior session.

 We will of coarse chat about what type of location you envision for your shoot. But this is also great to think about before we chat.

Do you like more of an urban feel? Brick, rust walls, stairs, cityscape, bridges, and so forth…

Or would you rather have a more nature feel? A well-kept park, a grassy field, or trees?

Once location/date&time have been determined next are outfits! I get asked almost daily…

Q: “What should I wear?”

A: You should wear you! Keep to your own style and you will love the pictures even more!

Q: “ How many outfits can I do?”

A: Usually 2-3 is good. Ideas for outfits, keeping one casual, possible one dressy, or even having one themed to your school or sport.

Be prepared with all your outfits ready to go the day before. Show up on time, as to not eat into your shooting time, and we will have some fun!

I will keep in contact, and make sure our plans are good to go a few days prior. Also keep in mind we will be scheduling a ordering session 2-7 days after your session. I understand this is an exciting time, however all videos and camera’s are NOT allowed during the session by you or helping members of your party. My images are protected by federal copyright law that safeguard artist work.

Thank you for understanding.

Senior Session – Photos by Keshia

If YOU are interested in Yukon, Oklahoma City, Edmond  Photography, please contact me ASAP! I’m booking for 2016. Contact me or e-mail for availability.

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