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Why an Engagement session is SO IMPORTANT – Photos by Keshia

Why an Engagement session is SO IMPORTANT – Photos by Keshia

All you engaged couple’s, this blog post is for you!! An engagement session may not seem like a necessity and truthfully is it as important as food in your belly? No, however it does have some perks! So sit back and take some time to considered them!

First off an engagment session is the perfect time for us to get to know one another even more. Because lets face it, if I am your wedding photographer than chances are we have emailed back and forth, meet, drank some coffee, chatted about colors and your wedding dress and what not, so the engagement session is just more time for us to bond! Having a wedding photographer you trust in, is super important! It’s possibly the biggest day of your life, so trusting that your wedding day images are on point is crucial! Us getting to befriend one another helps validate that trust!

Plus, usually I don’t get to meet the groom-to-be untill the engagment session. For some reason they tend to not come to the consult! ….Sham on you Grooms! hehe

Next, how many selfies do you have of you and your significant other? 1 million sounds about right? So do yourself and your guest a favor by having gorgeous images for display of your engagement session at your wedding verses 1 million camera phone pics. You would be surprised how many guest I hear rave over a big canvas as they walk in the door, or a sign in album of the engagement photos! People love to see the happy couple in love! So show off those engagement pictures!

Thirdly, have a friend who just so happens to take photos? Of corse we ALL do! Keep in mind when using your friend that your engagement images taken by another photographer and your wedding images may not match. Many photographers have their own style of work. If this isn’t a huge deal to you then ok. But when your friends images don’t quite live up to what you had hoped for, you may want to rethink and have your wedding photographer do them.  I have some couples do 2 sessions. One with their friend and one with me. They have the assurance that they images will collaborate well in their household, they know they can get professional products for display, and want to have that bond before their big wedding day!

Lastly, this is a special time in your life! Capture it! You are only engaged for a short time. Chances are you haven’t had your picture taken professionally together. You are most likely happy and head over heals because heck…have you seen what’s on your finger? THAT BLING BLING!

So remember this time in your life by having an engagement session. You will be happy you did! Not only will you leave one of my sessions having had fun, but you in the end get some cool art work for you walls…and facebook of corse! You also have images for your save the dates, wedding wesbite, and wedding decore. And we also get a chance to bond!

I look forward to all my engagement sessions! Engagement sessions are one of my favorite to photograph. So in love and excited to be starting life! I am truly honored to be apart of this special time and hopefully be photographing your big day! If you are looking for an engagement and or wedding photographer, look no further! I would love to find a time to sit and chat with you more! Feel free to contact me via email:  or call me, (405) 406 -2003!

Why an Engagement session is SO IMPORTANT – Photos by Keshia

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